As we see it, making art is all about being generous.Thats why in every piece we give our best. Each Kaftan is unique and has 5 different ways of wearing it. They were created in order to embrace the inner queen all women have inside.
They also look beautiful in winter, styled under or on the top of your coat.

The Story behind

Every kaftan is made with 7 meter of luxury vintage saree embroidery. This sarees were made by tribal women in Asia, they hand-embroidered every bead and stone with so much love. Then these sarees were worn by proud women for
special occasions, weddings, etc. While the sarees go old by time passes, the meticulous embroidery work stays as beautiful as the first day. This part of the sarees is cut and then resold. So we travel around Asia, hunting these embroideries. Then we ensure and sew again every bead and stone to make, together with organic cotton, this unique  kaftans that will be worn again by proud women around the world. And the cycle goes on. RE-USE, RE-CYCLE, RE-CREATE.